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Make & Muddle’s Top Five Holiday Batch Cocktails


Are y’all feeling overwhelmed yet? Are you ready to throw that Elf on the Shelf out of the window? Is there glitter all over your carpet from the wrapping paper? Is there powdered sugar all over your kitchen floor making your socks sticky and the prompting the dog to continually lick the kitchen floor? Have you found the half a dozen presents yet that you bought while you were on vacation in July and shoved them in a closet thinking, “I will TOTALLY remember where I put these when December rolls around” (Spoiler alert- you totes don’t remember where you put them)?

Take a breath, y’all. It is almost here!!  Make & Muddle is here to make your life easy and your blood pressure drop! How about a few easy cocktails to put in your fridge so you can just grab and pour over the long weekend? It’s like a neverending cocktail! We’ve got y’all. Now put on a fresh pair of socks and get your liquor order in for pick up. Be sure to check out our Holiday Classics recipes if you need some inspiration for delicious and festive cocktails. Subscribe below and never miss a post!


Nakatomi Punch

1 Bottle of your favorite bourbon
1 16 oz bottle of Make & Muddle Orange Ginger Cranberry Shrub
8 oz Make & Muddle 7 Syrup
16 oz Full Bodied Red Wine (that’s about 2/3 of a regular 750 ml bottle)
½ cup of fresh lemon juice
Orange Bitters

Combine all ingredients except for Orange Bitters. Fill serving glass with ice. Fill with Prebatched Punch. Dump cocktail into shaker and add a couple shakes of Orange Bitters and shake to chill. Return cocktail to serving glass and garnish with orange twist or wheel.

The Griswold

1 ½ cups gin
1 ½ cups cranberry Shrub
Sparkling Lemonade
Grapefruit bitters

Add bitters, gin, and shrub to an pitcher. Add ice to an old fashioned glass. Pour 3 oz of mix in and top with 50/50 prosecco and sparkling lemonade. Gently stir. Garnish with lemon twist.

Frosty Balls

¾ cups 7 Syrup
1 ¼ cups Kahlua
2 cups Vodka (or vanilla vodka)
2 cups Heavy Cream

Pour all ingredients into a bottle and shake to mix. Pour cocktail over ice.

Cuddly Cactus Paloma

1.5 cups reposado tequila
1.5 cups grapefruit juice
1 cup Gracious Grapefruit Syrup
0.25 cup water
6-10 sage leaves
Wedge of lime
Club Soda

In an empty liter bottle, add 6-10 sage leaves and the first four ingredients. Pour roughly 4 oz of mix into a rocks glass with fresh ice.  Top with club soda or grapefruit sparkling water or tonic water. Garnish with fresh wedge of lime squeezed on top.

I’ll Have What She’s Having

2 cups Vodka or Gin
2 cups Orange Ginger Cranberry Shrub
0.25 cups fresh Lime Juice
0.25 cups water

Place 4 or 5 coupe glasses in the freezer. Add all ingredients to a liter container. Place cocktail in the fridge or freezer until very cold. Can also skip the water and shake each one in a shaker with ice as you go. Pour into a frozen coupe glass. Garnish with a lime or lemon twist. Can also be garnished with a cranberry or rosemary sprig.