Make and Muddle is comprised of Jennifer Brian and Brent Carter.


 We are lifelong friends that met in college.  We also each have a long history in the hospitality industry.  Make & Muddle started with a half finished cocktail cookbook and a dire need for some creative input.  Brent was an obvious choice for partnering on the book. As with all great ideas, it grew from just a collection of recipes to a business collaboration and a coming-soon-to-a-store-near-you product line.  After spending decades tweaking each other’s recipes and exploring all that the food and beverage industry had to offer, we decided to create Make & Muddle, a cocktail based omni-business that is based on our passion for delicious cocktails.




Make & Muddle was founded on the belief that enjoying a fine cocktail created with thoughtful ingredients, constructed with well crafted tools, and consumed in an inviting vessel creates a connection between those who create these items and those who enjoy them. Our products are an authentic expression of the belief that our time together makes life meaningful and centered.

Cheers, y’all!