Dear Make & Muddle

Our weekly column where we answer questions.

Week 4:

  • This week we are talking about Hot Toddies!  See our FB Live here!  Also check out our blog post here!



Week 3 Question:

  1. From Vickie in NYC:  “I throw an annual fundraising party with a variety of drinks including one house cocktail that I would like to mix beforehand.  I could either batch it or set up a self service bar. Do you have suggestions beyond sangria or punch?  I would like to wow them with something sophisticated.”

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Week 2 Questions:

  1. From Liz F. in Chicago: “If a person wanted to go easier on the liver during the holiday season without missing out on fun boozetimes, what would you suggest? Any lower ABV cocktails with a sherry, wine, or other base?”
  2. From Amy R. in Bangor, Maine: “What non-alcoholic cocktails pair well with alcoholic Cocktails for parties? I don’t want to hand an alcohol free guest a glass of juice while everyone else has fancy shit in my crystal.”

See our answers on FB Live here!  For more info on shrubs, check out our blog post here!


Week 1 Questions: 

  1. From Lauren B in Nashville- “I see simple syrup as an ingredient and immediately think it will be too sweet.  Am I wrong?”
  2. From Stephanie T in Sommerville, MA- “We have limited space on our bar.  What are the top 3 bitters you would recommend?”