Pan Seared Duck Breasts with Spiced Cherry Vanilla Gastrique

Duck has always been a favorite of mine. I love it any way you want to serve it, crispy with a plum sauce and rice pancakes, confit on anything from tacos to poutine, or, in this case, slow pan seared with the crispiest skin and a Spiced Cherry Vanilla Gastrique. Be sure to cook this duck breast slow and low on the stove top so that the fat renders perfectly and the skin gets that gorgeous crispy deep caramel colored deliciousness.

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Caramel Apple Spice Cake

This cake is the real deal, y’all. Full of fall flavors, delicious, tender, and moist, it is EXACTLY what you want with a cup of coffee…or standing at the kitchen counter, or watching TV, or to take to a gathering. Our 7 Syrup take this recipe to the next level. Do not skip on the cider glaze before the caramel. The deep apple flavor is a winner.

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Coffee Punch

This cocktail came about when we were trying to decide what to batch for a Halloween party where we needed to walk the neighborhood with the kiddos and wanted something that was for the masses. We also needed it to give us the extra energy shot we needed to get through the evening with kiddos hopped up on peanut butter cups and sour patch kids that they had for dinner. Anyone that has had to carry a screaming 5 year old out of a party at the end of the evening knows that sugar crash is real, yo.

This punch calls for our 7 Cream. Equal parts sweetened condensed milk, Make & Muddle 7 Syrup, and half and half. This lives in my fridge all fall and winter. It is amazing.  For a fun presentation, check out our skull ice cube trays. You can freeze cold brew instead of water and float coffee skulls in the bowl. 


Hugo Spritz

When my husband and I were in Italy pre-pandemic, we drank our way through the country one spritz at a time. We had one particularly magical evening in Rome where we did a “progressive evening” of a cocktail and a nosh at the best hotel rooftops we could find. On a whim, and what can only be explained as the dumb luck we had for the entire trip, we ended the evening at the Hotel Eden’s Michelin Star restaurant, La Terrazza. No reservations, no idea what to expect, just a recommendation from our Airbnb host. What we did have were stunning views of Rome from the roof top restaurant with windows that disappeared as the sun was setting. That was only improved upon by the sublime food and cocktails.

This spritz came to me and was all of the things in a glass. I had forgotten about that cocktail until I started reading the cook book and decided to recreate that summer-in-a-glass flavor.  They called it a Hugo Spritz. I call it Nirvana. The splash of Honey Lavender Elixir softens the gin and brightens the Cynar. As always, we love to see what you are drinking! Happy summer, friends. Saluti!

Smoked Tequila Old Fashioned

We love our Make & Muddle Old Fashioned, but we also have some other smoked cocktails that are just as delicious smoked. One of those is our Smoked Tequila Old Fashioned that uses our 3 Herb Gracious Grapefruit syrup. Try it and let us know what you think!