Season: Bourbon Heritage Month
Season: Toddies
Season: Winter

Hot Whiskey Toddy


Nothing beats back cold weather like a warm cocktail. The king of warm cocktails is undeniably the hot toddy. Its roots reach back to colonial India where the British appropriated a local beverage made from fermented palm sap and morphed it into what we drink today- a mix of liquor, hot water, sugar, and spices.

As we have stated before, cocktail history is murky water. Made murkier with alcohol. The other origin story tells the tale of an Irish doctor named Robert Bentley Todd, who ordered his patients to drink hot brandy, cinnamon, and sugar water. Most likely, the truth is a combination of the two stories, where doctors heard about the hot toddies from India and started incorporating them into prescriptions. Regardless, this warm cocktail is delicious and healing. Our traditional syrup includes black tea, honey, and ginger for flavors that are both warming and medicinal.


1.5 oz Bourbon
1.5 oz Toddy Syrup*
1 oz Lemon juice
Hot Water


Fill your favorite mug with hot water to warm it. Once warm, dump water and add all ingredients. Top with boiling water and garnish with lemon wedge or peel.

*Toddy Syrup

1 C water
.75 C grated ginger
1 c sugar
.5 c honey
Zest of 1 lemon
2 black tea bags

Bring water to a boil and add sugar, stir until dissolved. Add tea bags, ginger and lemon zest. Stir gently. Remove from heat and add honey. Stir to mix. Let steep for 30 minutes and remove tea bags. Let steep for another hour and a half. Strain and squeeze solids to get all the syrup.