Product Type: 2 Pepper Agave Syrup
Season: Year Round
Flavor Profile: Mocktails/Zero Proof/Spirit Free

Flor de Jamaica Spirit Free

Hibiscus Tea is a classic Agua Fresca enjoyed across Mexico on a daily basis. This beautiful crimson tea made from hibiscus flowers has a tart and complex flair as well as boasting many health benefits. This tea is packed with antioxidants and has been shown to lower blood pressure and to have a positive impact on cholesterol.

Nothing lifts your spirits like knowing that you have a batch of Hibiscus concentrate in your fridge for an easy, delicious, and healthy beverage.


1 cup Dried Hibiscus flower (available online and at specialty grocers)
1 quart Cold water
.75 cup 2 Pepper Agave


Add water and flowers to a pot and ring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and allow extract to come to room temperature. Strain out the flowers and add 2 Pepper Agave Syrup.

Add 2 oz of Hibiscus Concentrate to a Collins glass. Add about 5 oz of still or sparkling water to glass(Topo Chico is a great choice) and stir to combine. Fill the glass with ice and garnish with a lime wedge. The rehydrated Hibiscus flowers are edible. If you save a few whole flowers from making the tea, you can garnish your drink with a flower as well.

In some areas of Mexico this tea is sweetened with piloncillo and steeped with spices such as cinnamon and allspice. Piloncillo is a rustic sugar used in Mexico and across South America- it is also one of the sugars we use to make 7 Syrup. To duplicate this flavor easily, substitute ¼ to ½ cup of the 2 Pepper agave syrup with 7 Syrup.