Product Type: 7 Syrup
Spirits: Bourbon
Season: Boozy Slushies
Season: Bourbon Heritage Month
Season: Derby
Season: Porch Pounders
Season: Special Events
Season: Spring
Season: Summer
Flavor Profile: Sweet

Bourbon Slush

Remember when, as a kid, you walked into a convenience store that had a wall of slushies, all lined up and calling to you? That is how we feel as grownups about boozy slushies.

This was the first recipe we ever designed specifically as a frozen beverage. Since then, we could fill pages with our boozy slush recipes. The trick with frozen beverages is that you need enough water in them for them to freeze appropriately. This has to do with both the sugar and alcohol content. If it isn’t freezing the way it should, add a little water to it and refreeze.

This was also the first recipe we realized that prosecco is the rule for “bubbles” when we top anything. We like Maker’s Mark bourbon in this recipe because it is a total classic and the vanilla and maple play really well with the juices. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!


5 cups Brewed tea
4 cups Orange Juice
3 cups Bourbon
1 cup 7 Syrup
1 cup Water
.5 cup Lemon juice


Mix the first six ingredients and freeze in a plastic container with a lid. Fill glass ½ way with ice. Scoop frozen slush into glass and top with Prosecco or sprite or ginger ale for a less boozy option. Garnish with oranges and cherries. Make sure you can stand up before you go get another one.