Product Type: Honey Lavender Elixir
Spirits: Bourbon
Season: Bourbon Heritage Month
Season: Derby
Season: Spring
Season: Summer
Classic Cocktail: Sours
Flavor Profile: Balanced
Flavor Profile: Sweet

Derby Days Are Here Again

This cocktail was inspired by two horse track classics- the Mint Julep and the Brown Derby.

We love both of these cocktails but felt that the Brown Derby could be a little underwhelming sometimes, whereas the mint julep could be a bit overpowering (and over-intoxicating).

Double straining the Derby Days refines the cocktail and helps keep those embarrassing mint leaves from sticking in your teeth. Garnishing with a citrus rosette further elevates the cocktail and is inspired by the garland of roses that is awarded to the Derby winner.


2 oz Bourbon
.75 oz Honey Lavender Elixir
.5 oz Fresh grapefruit juice
.25 oz Fresh lime juice


Muddle 4-5 fresh mint leaves. Shake and double strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with grapefruit or orange rosette with mint leaves.