Product Type: Orange Ginger Cranberry Shrub
Spirits: Spirit Free
Season: Holidays
Season: Special Events
Season: Winter
Flavor Profile: Family Friendly Craft Beverages
Flavor Profile: Mocktails/Zero Proof/Spirit Free

Ruby Sue Mocktail

We firmly believe there is a seat at the craft beverage table for everyone, whether they are imbibing or not. All of our mixers are designed to make not only tasty cocktail, but also spirit free mocktails. This cocktail was inspired by The Griswold cocktail and we decided to make a non alcoholic version for folks that are not imbibing. It is a really fun craft beverage that is so much more than a soda!


1.5 oz Brewed orange pekoe tea
1.5 oz Make & Muddle Orange Ginger Cranberry Shrub
Dash Grapefruit bitters
Lemon Soda or seltzer for topping


Build this beverage in the glass. Stir the first three ingredients, add ice, top with lemon soda and gently stir. Garnish with an orange twist or a cocktail pick with fresh cranberries.