Product Type: Spiced Cherry Vanilla Syrup
Spirits: Bourbon
Spirits: Other Whiskeys
Season: Bourbon Heritage Month
Season: Fall
Season: Holidays
Season: Special Events
Season: Spring
Season: Summer
Season: Winter
Classic Cocktail: Manhattans
Flavor Profile: Balanced
Flavor Profile: Spirit Forward

The Manhattan

This classic cocktail takes its name from likely being developed in New York City. The traditional recipe Calls for 2 parts American Whiskey and 1 part sweet vermouth and aromatic bitters. Rye whiskey was probably the most readily available whiskey in the north east at the time the cocktail was created- and through prohibition years the Manhattan was most certainly made with Canadian rye whiskey. The closer you get to Kentucky, the more likely you are to have a Manhattan made with bourbon- or part bourbon and part rye whiskey.

Our version uses half bourbon and half rye along with our Spiced Cherry Vanilla Syrup and exceptional sweet vermouth. The Manhattan is traditionally garnished with a cherry and can be served either up or on the rocks.


1.5 oz Bourbon
1.5 oz Rye
.75 oz Make & Muddle Spiced Cherry Vanilla Syrup
.75 oz Antica Sweet Vermouth
Dash Cardamom Bitters


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Stir until very cold. Strain into a chilled coupe glass or a rocks glass with one large cube of ice. Garnish with Amarena cherries.