How To Drink Like a Pro at your next business event

How to Drink Like a Pro at your next business dinner

We have all been to a work function where the “make it a double guy” from marketing showed up and pounded G&T’s until he thought he was way smarter and funnier than he actually is. No one wants to be that guy.  Make & Muddle is here to help you navigate the waters of how to booze in business.

A couple of pro tips- you should be hydrating as often as possible.  As we all know, dehydration is one of the main reasons for hangovers and is easily avoided.  You should be having at least one glass of water for every cocktail or alcoholic drink that you have.  It is a good way to pace yourself. You also are going to need some calories. Having a salad for lunch and then getting on the Tequila Train with an empty stomach is not fun for anyone.  Order some appetizers for the table or at least snack on some pretzels or nuts. Drinking on an empty stomach is a sure fire way to go from “I’m fine” to “I need an Uber and White Castles” in record time.


If you are only there for cocktails, having a spirit forward cocktail like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or a Classic Martini is totally fine. Spirit forward cocktails make it easy to sip instead of slam and will keep you level headed as long as you are sipping.  If you are there for drinks and dinner, starting with something lower proof like wine or beer is a good way to ease in if you plan to continue imbibing throughout the night.

Another great way to pace yourself is to order a mocktail or zero proof drink in between alcoholic beverages.  Several restaurants here in Louisville have gorgeous mocktail menus with an ever-increasing number of establishments nationwide adding spirit free options to their regular cocktail menus.  We at Make & Muddle are all about delicious things for everyone at the table.

As the evening starts to wrap up, ordering a round of a good pour for everyone is a totally classy way to send everyone home.  A good pour of something is usually easy to find at most restaurants. We love legacy spirits here at Make & Muddle.  Most brown spirits fall into this category- whiskey, tequila, brandy, rum. Ordering a single barrel pour or an older spirit is a good way to slow down and sip.  Order what you like and share it with those at the table. The history of legacy spirits is filled with great stories that leave business associates with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Of course that may be from the bourbon, but either way is a win.

If you have a business gathering ahead of you, remember that you have to finish the race, not win the race.  The last one standing is oftentimes the one having candid conversations that close deals. Pace yourself, friends, and make sure you drink responsibly and get home safely.  Cheers, y’all!

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