Bourbon Heritage month, Recipes

Blue Bells

Blue Bells Here at Make & Muddle we pride ourselves on our 3 ingredients cocktails. We have always wanted to make folks’ lives easier and better by doing the heavy lifting in cocktails. We love creating sophisticated, delicious mixers that allow you to add a spirit and one other ingredient. This cocktail is a great… Continue reading Blue Bells

Bourbon Heritage month, Recipes

Red Sangria

Red Sangria Wine is probably the earliest alcoholic beverage- all it takes to make wine is to let grape juice sit for a few days and allow the naturally occurring yeasts to do their work. While you will end up with wine- it is not necessarily the highest quality wine. One way to remedy this… Continue reading Red Sangria

Bourbon Heritage month

Decorative Gourd Season

  Decorative Gourd Season The first hint of fall in the air and we are running for the cider cocktails. Summer may be refusing to give up, but cooler temps and all things autumn are right around the corner. #FALLELUJAH This recipe was named after the McSweeney’s article, “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf*ckers” that was… Continue reading Decorative Gourd Season

Bourbon Heritage month, How To

The Boulevardier

The Boulevardier I feel like we say this about so many cocktails, but one of our favorite cocktails is the Boulevardier. It is a riff on the Negroni allegedly created in Paris by American expat Erskine Gwynne who published a magazine called The Boulevardier. The Traditional recipe calls for equal parts of Bourbon, Campari, and… Continue reading The Boulevardier

Bourbon Heritage month

The Manhattan

The Manhattan This classic cocktail takes its name from likely being developed in New York City. The traditional recipe Calls for 2 parts American Whiskey and 1 part sweet vermouth and aromatic bitters. Rye whiskey was probably the most readily available whiskey in the north east at the time the cocktail was created- and through… Continue reading The Manhattan