Die Hard

It is that time of year when the great debate ensues- Is Diehard a Christmas movie or not? We are firmly in the HELL YES camp here at Make & Muddle. This classic Bruce Willis movie has all the things we look for in a classic- ex wives, evil geniuses, and a great tag line! Face with Tears of Joy on Samsung One UI 4.0

This fantastic cocktail was created by Brent and includes not one, but TWO of our products, 7 Syrup and Orange Ginger Cranberry shrub. The combination of the bourbon, red wine, and these two products creates Christmas in a cup. Beautiful red color, AMAZING deep flavors, and all without bloodshed. #yipeekiyamotherfucker

Nakatomi Punch

1.5 oz bourbon- 12.75 oz
1 oz red wine- 8.5 oz
1 oz Cranberry Shrub- 8.5
½ oz 7 Syrup- 4.25
Squirt of lemon juice
Orange bitters

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl. Add a large ice block to the bowl and stir until cold. Float fresh citrus wheels in the punch for garnish.


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