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Holiday Classics Week 4 – Die Hard

It is that time of year when the great debate ensues- Is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not? We are firmly in the HELL YES camp here at Make & Muddle. This classic Bruce Willis movie has all the things we look for in a classic- ex wives, evil geniuses, and a great tag… Continue reading Holiday Classics Week 4 – Die Hard

Eat Drink & Be Scary

Let’s Eat, Drink & Be Scary!

This is the season of the witch, y’all! Welcome to Eat, Drink & Be Scary week. We love Halloween because it’s a holiday that can be enjoyed equally by young and old alike, and we’re mere days from that spookiest night of the year. Make & Muddle is here to help you plan your own… Continue reading Let’s Eat, Drink & Be Scary!

Old Fashioned Week

Old Fashioned Week 2022

A weeklong celebration of the very first cocktail! We'll explore some wonderful variations of this iconic, classic cocktail, including a few non traditional recipes that don't use brown spirits. Today we kickoff the week with Make & Muddle's take on the original, but first, a little history lesson. The oldest writings describe the Old Fashioned… Continue reading Old Fashioned Week 2022

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BH Month, Day 29 – Hot Whiskey Toddy

The Whiskey Toddy With all of the rain here this week, we are reaching for something warmer. Nothing beats back cold rain like a warm cocktail. The king of warm cocktails is undeniably the hot toddy. Its roots reach back to colonial India where the British appropriated a local beverage made from fermented palm sap… Continue reading BH Month, Day 29 – Hot Whiskey Toddy

Bourbon Heritage month

BH Month, Day 27 – Whiskey Sour

  Whiskey Sour The Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail that is often overlooked. Generally speaking, the Sour Family is one of the oldest categories of cocktails known. They are made from spirit, sugar, and citrus juice. The Sour can trace its roots back to early maritime practices of including alcohol as a sailor’s rations,… Continue reading BH Month, Day 27 – Whiskey Sour