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Caramel Apple Spice Cake

  Caramel Apple Spiced Pound Cake This cake is the real deal, y'all. Full of fall flavors, delicious, tender, and moist, it is EXACTLY what you want with a cup of coffee...or standing at the kitchen counter, or watching TV, or to take to a gathering. Our 7 Syrup take this recipe to the next… Continue reading Caramel Apple Spice Cake

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Gal Pal

Gal Pal If there is one spirit that we love with Aperol, it is bourbon. This cocktail uses our Honey Lavender Elixir instead of the traditional plain honey syrup. We love what the herbal notes do to this cocktail. This cocktail is what you want after an afternoon of shopping with your crew when you… Continue reading Gal Pal

Bourbon Heritage month, Recipes

Lion’s Tail

Lion’s Tail Who doesn’t love a sour? The sour classification of cocktails is one of the oldest and most classic. A sour is technically spirit, sugar, and citrus juice. It has its roots in the early maritime practices of including alcohol in a sailor’s rations. Lemon or lime was added to prevent scurvy- alcohol added… Continue reading Lion’s Tail

Bourbon Heritage month, Recipes

Coffee Punch

The Many Eyed Ghost Coffee Punch This is the season of the witch, y’all! This morning the temps lowered 20 degrees and I am thinking about boots and sweaters. #fallelujah This cocktail came about when we were trying to decide what to batch for a Halloween party where we needed to walk the neighborhood with… Continue reading Coffee Punch

Bourbon Heritage month, Recipes

Blue Bells

Blue Bells Here at Make & Muddle we pride ourselves on our 3 ingredients cocktails. We have always wanted to make folks’ lives easier and better by doing the heavy lifting in cocktails. We love creating sophisticated, delicious mixers that allow you to add a spirit and one other ingredient. This cocktail is a great… Continue reading Blue Bells