There is no funnier visual than Will Farrell in that green elf costume. I will wait while you try to think of one. His over-the-top comedy is perfectly paired with James Caan’s low key, straight guy aura. The two of them make for one of the best holiday classics out there.  This cocktail needed to be sweet, because Buddy, and also a little spicy, because Walter.

We came up with this last season when a little girl in our lives wanted her “kid cocktail” too. A 6 Year old’s palate is similar to ours when we take off the grown up brakes and let our inner kid create beverages. Her mocktail was easily modified to make a grown up cocktail and Smiling’s My Favorite was born! It makes us smile too. For the non alcoholic version, substitute milk for the vanilla vodka.

Smiling’s My Favorite

1 pint chocolate ice cream
4 oz Vanilla Vodka
¼ cup 7 Syrup
Whipped Cream
Cocoa and Cinnamon for dusting


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