Bourbon Heritage month

Bourbon Heritage Month


Happy Bourbon Heritage Month, y’all!

This month we celebrate all things bourbon here in Kentucky, where we produce 97% of the world’s bourbon and 100% of the world’s most exceptional bourbon. For those of us that have a love affair with bourbon, September is like Christmas all month. The best releases of rare and gorgeous whiskies make their way into bottles and into a few lucky hands. The hunt begins at the beginning of the month and will go through November as we all try to find the “unicorn bottles” tucked away in out of the way liquor stores we have been scouting all year.

While we love bourbon any way you want to serve it, we are partial to bourbon cocktails. This month, we will be featuring our favorite 30 bourbon cocktail recipes. Every day our social media and website will be updated with something delicious to mix along with a specific product* we like in the cocktail. Some will include Make & Muddle products, some won’t. Click on the BOURBON HERITAGE tab located under RECIPES-SPECIAL OCCASSIONS for all of our recipes and mix along with us! Be sure to tag us with whatever delicious thing you are drinking.


* Make & Muddle has no paid promotions from any distillery and we work with everyone, so when we tell you we love it, it isn’t because they paid us to tell you. It’s because it is damn delicious whiskey and a perfect pairing in the cocktail.

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