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January Sour

  Dry January continues with this 7 Syrup mocktail. Full of citrus and the bite of black tea, our 7 Syrup is the natural choice for this bright mocktail. January Sour 2.5 oz Orange Juice ¾ oz 7 Syrup 1.5 oz Black Tea ½ oz Lemon or Lime Juice Couple Shakes Cardamom Bitters Add ingredients… Continue reading January Sour

Mocktail/Zero Proof Recipes, Recipes

The Meet Cute

When we released our 2 Pepper Agave syrup just before Valentine’s Day, our cocktail of choice for that was called Relationship Juice. When we designed the mocktail, it was, of course, called the Meet Cute, a funny or charming first encounter between a future romantic couple. This mocktail is both charming and witty and a… Continue reading The Meet Cute

How To, Mocktail/Zero Proof Recipes, Recipes

Dry January

While we are self proclaimed cocktail evangelists here at Make & Muddle, we firmly believe there is a seat at the table for everyone. That is why all of our mixers are designed to do both cocktails and mocktails. After a long holiday season of food and booze, lots of us take a break from… Continue reading Dry January