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Bourbon Cider Slush

Bourbon Cider Slush

September is a tough month in the Bluegrass state. We are all so ready for some fall activities and cooler weather, but we are far enough south that summer just won’t let go. Fall teases us with some cooler temps at night and one or two days of less humidity and temps not in the 90’s. The light is changing and days are growing shorter and GIVE ME ALL THE FALL PLEASE!

This bourbon cider slush is what we come up with when we still have the AC on with our Halloween decorations up and our pumpkin spice candle burning. The first press of cider for the season, all the baking spices from our 7 Syrup and bourbon. Amen.


Our bourbon of choice for this frozen deliciousness is Jim Beam Black. This easy drinking bourbon has some great vanilla and caramel notes, but also has a little bit of charcoal and a great spicy finish.

Cider Slush

1.5 cups apple cider
.75 cups Jim Beam Black Bourbon
.25 cup 7 syrup
.25 cup lemon juice
.5 cup water

Combine all ingredients in a freezer safe quart container. Freeze for at least 8 hours or until frozen. Scoop into a cup and enjoy. It is also delicious topped with prosecco.

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