Holiday Classics Home Cinema Series, Recipes

Sally’s Sangria

Sally's Sangria We sense there is something in the wind...Nightmare Before Christmas is one of our all time favorites and will be on repeat from the middle of September until after Christmas. Much like her, Sally's Sangria is spicy and sweet all at once. Our 7 Syrup gives this sangria a depth from all of… Continue reading Sally’s Sangria

Holiday Classics Home Cinema Series

The Nightmare Before Christmas

To smooth the transition from Halloween to red & green, we begin our series with Tim Burton's classic, proving that Santa's struggle is real, y'all! We've put together three themed drinks and one nosh for all to enjoy while watching the misadventures of Jack Skellington - The Pumpkin King. A couple of fun facts about the film... The story… Continue reading The Nightmare Before Christmas

Holiday Classics Home Cinema Series

Home Cinema Fun for the Holidays

Like it or not, dear friends, the Holiday season begins now. Yes. I know you just packed away your Halloween costume, but your neighbor has already hung an offensive number of Christmas lights illuminating their home to Vegas casino level. Relax. Make & Muddle is here to provide you and yours 9 different opportunities - one every… Continue reading Home Cinema Fun for the Holidays

Bar Set Up, Eat Drink & Be Scary

Eat, Drink & Be Scary – Maple Leaf

Three days until Halloween y'all! Carving those pumpkins calls for a smokier, earthier cocktail, and maple syrup and whiskey check those boxes. This fall classic combines the bright of the citrus with the lovely mellow of the maple syrup.   We are going to break tradition for this cocktail and choose a whiskey instead of a… Continue reading Eat, Drink & Be Scary – Maple Leaf

Eat Drink & Be Scary, Mocktail/Zero Proof Recipes

Eat, Drink & Be Scary – Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican chocolate is known for its more complex, intense flavor because it’s often made with chiles, nuts and spices. In contemporary Mexican culture, hot chocolate is a frothy, sweet drink flavored with sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes vanilla. While it's consumed throughout the year, the drink is especially popular for holiday celebrations like Christmas, Three Kings… Continue reading Eat, Drink & Be Scary – Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate