Holiday Classics Week 6 – A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Peanuts crew always means the holidays are officially here. This totally 21st century thing of watching programs on demand has robbed us of that delicious anticipation of waiting for the holiday classics to air. Not that I am complaining. I am the first to watch White Christmas or Christmas in Connecticut 156 times from… Continue reading Holiday Classics Week 6 – A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Week 5 Holiday Classics – Christmas Vacation

  So much funny in one movie. We watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on repeat all season. Clark Griswold is the classic unsung hero just trying to spread a little Christmas Cheer to those near and dear to his heart. Our first cocktail for this Christmas Classic is The Griswold. When we released our Orange… Continue reading Week 5 Holiday Classics – Christmas Vacation


UK in the UK

Our beloved Kentucky Wildcats are playing the University of Michigan in London England on Dec 4. This game was initially scheduled for 2020, but the pandemic thwarted those travel plans. We don't need a reason to have some delicious cocktails, but we love the idea of some classic British cocktails to celebrate this epic game!… Continue reading UK in the UK

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Old Fashioned Week 2022 – Barrel Aged Gin

I spent a great number of years believing that I did not like gin. The juniper forward tastes-like-the-smell-of-Christmas-trees was nothing I wanted in a cocktail. It turns out I just didn’t like a particular brand of London Dry Gin. I actually LOVE gin and the more herbal the better. Gin cocktails are certainly classic and… Continue reading Old Fashioned Week 2022 – Barrel Aged Gin


Christmas Story

The Christmas classic, A Christmas Story finds Ralphie asking for a Red Ryder BB Gun from Santa. Full of all of the angst of growing up and wanting that one present SO MUCH, this movie has all of the great holiday characters; a crazy dad, worn out mom, and annoying little brother. Add to that… Continue reading Christmas Story