Polar Express


Do y’all think it’s OK for a grown woman to watch Polar Express while wrapping presents and then proceed to cry real tears all over the packages when the boy hears the sleigh bell at the end? Asking for a friend.

Tom Hanks voices all of the adult voices in this beautiful computer animated movie based on the simply stunning book by Chris Van Allsburg. That critical age of childhood where you are jaded enough to not buy into the man in red anymore, but you desperately want to believe.  A young boy takes a magical train ride to the North Pole with lots of other almost non-believers and they learn about the magic of Christmas.  That Santa, he means business. If Make & Muddle had a train, our servers would absolutely be acrobats and pour this cocktail for parents from beautiful silver pots. Sigh. Someday, friends, someday.

This cocktail is what we want on Christmas eve when there are lots and lots and lots of presents left to wrap, and we need something warm, caffeinated, and boozy. For the 7 Bourbon Cream, feel free to leave out the booze from the cream and then just add it to each cocktail. It is a good way to include it in hot chocolate for the kiddos or your guests that are not imbibing this season. That cream is amazing in coffee in the morning too.

Santa’s Little Helper

2 Oz Seven Syrup Bourbon Cream
8 Oz Hot Coffee
Top with Seven Syrup Whip Cream

To make Seven Syrup Bourbon Cream, mix one 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk, 14 oz heavy cream, 14 oz Seven Syrup, one teaspoon of vanilla extract and 42 oz of bourbon. This makes about a half gallon of Bourbon Cream. Keep refrigerated and this should last through the new year!

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